Have you ever felt unsafe when walking down the street?
You are not alone in this.
The Problem
In Romania, the number of cases of street harassment has risen drastically.
Because of the prejudice, many of these cases are not even reported.
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The Solution
An app that enables you to see and even report any dangers around you.
And a small device, so you are always two presses away from the people important to you.

The Prisma app

In the app, there is available a map where you can see and report the dangers around you and you can also set which contacts the device should send an SMS to.

Furthermore, there are other features available, like directions avoiding dangerous areas or predicting the danger level.

Coming soon
The Prisma app
The Prisma device

The Prisma device

Meant to always be near your person - whether it's in your pocket or hanging from your keychain.

When you are in danger, press the two buttons and the app will send out an SMS with your location to the contacts selected in the app.

Coming soon
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Join the Prisma newsletter to be in touch with the latest news!
The team making everything a reality
We are 5 high school students dedicated to changing the world for the better

Special thanks to: Veronica Văcăraș, Ioana Gabor, Victor Dinică, Andrei Tudorică

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